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Business Charters

Time is money. We'll help you save both.

When you charter a private business jet, you set your own travel schedule — one that puts your business needs centre stage. You save time and you get the job done. There are no missed flights when meetings overrun, no time-wasting connections, and no waiting around in airport terminals.

Better still, you establish your own level of comfort: executive luxury or an efficient service that gets you in and out of your destination fast. Everything revolves around your business objectives: do you want to make a client feel special or simply close a deal faster than your competitors?

Travel at the speed you do business

A private business charter typically carries between 1 and 17 passengers with virtually no limits on where you can fly. Your aircraft takes you where your business takes you — to New York to address investors, to Hamburg to discuss European sales, to Delhi for new markets and investment, to India/China to resolve supply issues.

With a private jet there are no onboard distractions. You can work, conduct meetings, or plan strategy while you travel.

Private charter puts you in control

Chartering a private aircraft through Air Charters India gives you flexibility, increases comfort, and cuts formalities to the minimum. Many airports offer VIP terminals for private charter customers; others let you drive your car right up to the aircraft.

In every case, baggage handling is quick and efficient, check-in procedures are minimal and your travel arrangements remain out of the public eye.

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