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Disaster & Humanitarian Relief Charters

When disaster strikes it is imperative that experienced professionals work together to ensure that the relief effort is maximized to it's fullest and most effective potential.

Private Jets India is uniquely positioned to offer its considerable expertise in this field, and to deliver it, when it matters the most.

Understanding the priorities of the various relief agencies and their vital support is relied upon in times of crisis. Which airports closest to the affected areas have what capabilities? Smaller feeder operations, getting the supply of aid directly into the theatre of operations, to the worst affected regions. Obtaining essential up to date ground information which assists the global aid agencies decide where to apply their maximum efforts. Organising flight schedules for the precise arrival of rescue teams, medical teams, aid and equipment, which crucially must arrive in the correct order of priorities for maximum effectiveness, carefully avoiding any airport or supply bottlenecks.

Our experience is your advantage.

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